Apartment Living

When I got divorced in ’77, it still took me a couple years to get back on the women wagon.

My ex-wife lied to me, connived behind my back, stabbed me in the back, and I was rewarded with deceit. The hard part was, I loved her so.

I moved out of my folks into an apartment with my buddy, Roomie.

This apartment complex was owned by Roomie’s boss’s mother, who also owned one of the local lumber yards. We used to joke saying that the complex was built with leftover stuff from the yard. All the apartments were the same: 2 bedrooms that shared a common toilet/bath area, but with their separate vanities.

There were eight units; 4 upstairs and 4 downstairs. The upstairs were all connected by a common deck, uncovered where we bbq frequently.

The downstairs was partially covered by stairs and the deck but had some green tropical gardens. The laundry room was downstairs which contained a coin operated washer and dryer and a large folding table.

There were also storage units; one for each apartment under the carport. There was one covered spot for each  unit, close to their assigned storage closet.

At the time I moved in, there was only one vacancy downstairs across from who we deemed Fat Judy.

Under us was Fat Judy’s gramma, and next to her was the vacancy. Next to Fat Judy was an unknown Hispanic woman, presumably single. I had seen her around, and she was nice looking but very shy.

Upstairs across from us was Debbie; a co worker of Roomie’s, whom he was also sleeping with.

Next to her was a single woman with tattoos named Darla. She was very thin, and friendly enough, but I did not press any engagements with her. She was always in a hurry.

Across from her and next to us was another Hispanic single woman; also very shy and usually in a hurry to get either to her car or to her apartment.

I don’t recall  now how it  happened, but somehow I got involved with Fat Judy. Probably because she was the most willing. As I mentioned, the other women were either too old, or busy with their own lives.

I had just shifted jobs from being a bicycle mechanic to office machine repair technician.

Roomie and I both had bikes from my former employer, and frequently went for afternoon rides, as Fat Judy often watched us leave on our daily journey towards fitness.

My former boss came by the office machine store one day stating that Fat Judy had been there and purchased a bicycle. He mentioned that she chatted about me constantly when she was buying it.

He held out his hands to his sides “I think she’s kinda stuck on you. Just sayin'”

Sure enough, when I got home, she was obviously waiting for me as she and her bicycle were parked by the back stairs; no way I could get by to my place without being seen.

“Can I go riding with you today?” she asked feebly as I passed her on the stairs.

“Sure, but you gotta keep up” I answered, almost annoyed.

I went inside, changed and brought my own bike down, and we headed out.

It was still hot as it was around 6:00 pm and traffic was heavy. I had to show her how to use the gears. She had no clue how to use a ten-speed; shift or brake.

We had not even gone a mile when she asked to stop and rest. She was sweating and out of breath.

I complimented her on catching on quickly to braking and shifting.

“I want to go back ” she said panting “I’ve had enough for one day.”

“Can you find your way by yourself?” I asked.

She seemed hurt “yeah” and she turned and went back. I noticed her upper thighs that weren’t covered by her shorts were very red. I’m sure her return trip was painful.

I finished my route, about 5 miles and was home by 6:45. When I arrived, she was waiting for me on the back steps.

Geez, get a life I thought trekking my bike up the stairs.

“Can I come in?” she asked meekly.

I kept on moving upstairs “I gotta take a shower, if you don ‘t mind waiting” I said.

I heard her scramble “that’s OK.”

I didn’t even look back as I hauled my bike into my room, got undressed and walked into the shower.

She was watching and saw me naked as I crossed the hall. Normally, I wore a robe. I was trying to scare her away.

I started showering and she came to the bathroom door and began to chat how she didn’t think that buying a bike was a good idea…that it took more out of her than she thought, and did I think she could get her money back for it.

I cleaned up and shut the water off, and stepped out to dry with her watching. I ignored her and dried myself off…extremely well.

“I don’t know if they will refund your money” I said “normally they don’t. They might give a partial refund it it’s brought back in pristeen condition, but there in business to make money, not do test rides. Did they offer you a test ride?”

She hung her head, and for the first time, I noticed she was wearing a white button up blouse and no bra. She had short black short that showed her nice fat legs. She had sandals that showed her nice feet. All these did not diminish the size of her ass.

“Yes they did” she said.

I walked by her to my room and got dressed.

She came in and removed her blouse, revealing her medium sized tits. I remember thinking strange that fat girls have tiny tits.

“OH no” I said  holding up my hands to her “put your shirt back on. Roomie and I do not have sex in our own place” I pointed to her “now please.”

She shook her head as she searched for the tag on her blouse “I am not doing well today.”

She found her tag and replaced her blouse.

Relieved, I finished getting dressed and she left the room.

Roomie came in as she passed by out the door.

“You didn’t!” he exclaimed after he closed the door after her.

I smiled “no, I didn’t. But she was certainly willing.” I explained what happened.

“She took her shirt off? In front of you?” he was amazed. “How big were they?”

I showed a look of indifference “smaller than I expected, but still a breast is a breast. No two are alike.”

He kinda looked away in a daze and nodded. “What are you gonna do? Sounds to me like she’s at home waiting for you with her legs spread.”

“I think she might be a little unstable” I replied after a moment of thought. Then, I looked at him “but  you’re right. She’s already sent the invitation” and I got up and left…down to her place.

As predicted, she answered the door with a smile wearing a robe “I didn’t think you’d come” she said, closing the door.

“Yes you did” I said “I’ll bet you got  nuthin’ on under that?” pointing at her robe.

She removed it revealing her naked body. Her nipples had hardened. She dropped the robe to the floor and using her index finger motion, led me to her bedroom where she lay on her back, legs apart knees up.

I dropped my shorts and offered her my cock to suck on. She was obviously surprised and waved it away “no” was all she said.

I pressed my cock into her vagina opening, finding her very wet. After a few thrusts, I was all the way in. I fucked her three times that night. So much that my dick was sore the next morning.

And so it went for a week.

The next weekend, a new neighbor moved in across the way from Fat Judy. I had finished my Saturday morning fuck with Fat Judy, and when I exited, the new girl was opening her door.

She turned as I closed the door and said “Hi, I’m Letty.”

“Good morning Letty” I said walking to her “I’m Glenn from upstairs” and I opened the door for her. “I’ll leave you as it looks like you’ve got plenty of help” I pointed to her three helpers thinking they were brothers and dad. She was good looking; long dark straight hair, large breasts, shapely, nice smile. She filled her jeans well.

“We’ll be bbq later” I said “c’mon up if you like.”

“Thanks” she said with a smile and little wave “maybe another time” and she went inside. The others followed with load after load.

I went upstairs and Roomie was making coffee, smoking a joint. I partook of both and he quizzed my adventure with Fat Judy.

“Well, she won’t get her mouth anywhere close to my dick” I started, “other than that, it’s great…but somehow incomplete.”

He told me about he and Debbie, who was really good looking, but also a very large woman;  not so much a fat ass, just overall big girl. Roomie describe screwing her as climbing onto a mound. Again, not so big breasts, but he said she sucked the skin off his cock…every night and sometimes more than once.

I changed the subject and mentioned Letty, the new neighbor, and described her and our brief encounter.

“Good think you met her before the other women” Roomie said “now they can’t make up shit about her.”

I laughed “so true, isn’t it?”

We got stoned and drank coffee and I decided to start laundry before the rest of the place woke up, and ruined the day for laundry.

In those days, one  load was enough for a week and I loaded the washer, and started it. Just as I pushed  my coins in, here came Fat Judy.

“I thought you would come back over” she said.

“I had laundry to do and I can’t do it at your place” I said getting annoyed.

“You can come over now” she said.

“I don’t think I’ll be coming over any more” I said, putting my basket on the washer.

That pushed her over the edge “and why not?” she yelled.

“Because you won’t suck my dick” I said back louder than would have been  necessary.

She quieted down and looked embarrassed “it’s wrong to do that” she said.

“What are you, a foot-washin’ Baptist?” I said.

Then, I ranted “You don’t mind that we’re technically committing adultery? You don’t mind that I suck on your clit? You better not quote biblical shit to me” and I picked up my basket and walked past her.

She was dumbfounded.

I went upstairs, and found Roomie working on his famous bbq marinade for the beef skirts.

I set the timer for half and hour to put the laundry in the drier when ready.

We smoked another J and had more coffee with Irish Cream.

I went down to move the clothes into the dryer and in came Fat Judy. She was upbeat and said “I changed my mind about the sucking. I’ll do it for you.”

I dropped my gym shorts and pushed her to her knees “OK lesson one, be brave in public” and I put my cock at her mouth and she took it in. She obviously knew how…musta had a bad experience before. I grabbed handfuls of her curly hair, and fucked her in the mouth, when someone came in the door.

It was Letty, carrying a laundry basket.

“Better get your money in” I said “Saturday is the busiest day.”

Judy jumped up and left, covering her face with embarrassment while I pulled up my shorts.

“I didn’t bring any change” Letty said, putting her basket on the washer.

I pulled out a couple quarters “first one’s on me” and I left. Before I was out of sight I called to her “bbq is still on for around six or so.”

“What can I bring?” she came out of the room.

“Bring your favorite beers” I said “enough for four. We’ll do the rest.”

She nodded and waved “I’ll be there” and turned back to the laundry room. I saw Fat Judy heading out of her apartment with a basket of laundry too.

I went upstairs and almost got knocked over by Darla who was skipping two steps to get down “sorry!” she said “in a hurry!” she ran to a waiting car, and they sped off.

I shook my head, and went inside “we’re gonna have a guest for the bbq” I called.

Roomie came from the kitchen with Debbie “oh yeah? Who?”

“The new girl, Letty” I said, putting down my basket on the couch, and sitting beside it, now smiling.

“What?” Roomie said, walking closer.

“I was moving my stuff into the dryer when Fat Judy came in to the laundry room.”

“Yeah? Go on”

“She said she changed her mind about the blowjobs, and I made her give me one right there. Letty walked in, and Fat Judy ran out the door” I was laughing so hard I could not finish, and did not have to as all three of us were laughing.

After we had gotten hold of ourselves I continued “even though she changed her mind, I’m still breaking up with her” and we all started laughing again.

I went back down in an hour to retrieve my dry clothes and there were baskets lined up. Letty’s was done and I put hers in the dryer and coined it. I left, and knocked on her door.

She called out “who is it?”

“It’s Glenn. I put  your clothes in the dryer. See you later?” and left.

I returned upstairs and folded my clothes, and put them away. I worked on the pico de gallo for the bbq.

Our standard bbq consisted of usually meat fajitas. We would trade off marinading them in our own recipe, always searching for the perfect blend of tenderizing agents that would break down the naturally tough beef skirts. All day at minimum for marinading, and longer if possible. We found that papaya juice was a necessary ingredient to tenderizing the meat.

Always some kind of tortilla chips; at times we fried our own. Sure lots of work, but quality unsurpassed.

We each also had our own recipe of pico de gallo, and chile con queso dip. These could also be used to embellish the meat on the flour tortillas. And of course, charro beans were a must. One could put them on tacos as well, or on the side.

Tonight, it would be Roomie, Debbie, Letty (if she showed) and I for the bbq. We always cooked on the deck and sometimes would eat there too if it wasn’t too hot and the skeeters weren’t too bad. We never smoked pot on deck…never.

‘Twas still early in the afternoon, and I went down for a nap as did Roomie; or maybe he went across the hall for his nap. I was up about 4 and did some final preps, including setting up the pit for the fire.

These were the days before the chimneys and the electric firestarters had not become widespread, although we had one.

Roomie was a mathematician, and always had a plan to build his fires with a pyramid using starter fluid.

I used the electric element, and eventually won out the starter fluid because the taste of naphtha usually passed into the meat.

We had inherited an old grill from my folks; a pot metal made with a shelf on the side, single grate, and the fire grate was adjustable with manually adjustable vents on the lid and the sides. Not bad, and we always argued the best combination of vent openings for optimizing air flow.

I had the pit ready, and was waiting inside for the others to show. Traditionally, we never start the fire until all expected guests arrive. That gives plenty of time to observe the progress of the fire, and drink beer.

A knock at the door told me it was Letty; it was.

“I have beer” she said “but I cannot lift it up the stairs” she pointed “it’s right there.”

“Not to worry” I said motioning her inside as I noticed she had some groceries as well.

I retrieved the ice chest, and manhandled it up the stairs. She did well; a nice assortment of Heineken, Miller, Michelob dark, and Lowenbrau. All complete with ice chest and lots of ice.

I went inside “well done on the beer assortment” I told her and my appreciation was genuine. “What else did you bring?”

She pulled a bottle of Blue Nun wine from one of her bags “I don’t do beer, and I like my sweet wine” she said proudly displaying her wine.

I nodded with approval as Roomie and Debbie walked in.

Introductions were made and Debbie and Letty spoke like old friends; giggling and laughing while they poured wine.

Roomie and I began our vigil with the fire.

The first step was done, building the pyramid. With the electric element, I built a layer of coals on the grill, then lay the element on top, then stacking however many remaining coal were necessary to complete the pile. Then, plug it in.

It took about fifteen minutes for the element to get red hot and catch a few of the coals it touched on fire; then unplug it and let it sit so any residual heat from it would continue to heat the charcoal. The element was removed after this, and usually the pyramid collapsed. This was here arguments ensued; one saying the element can remain until most of the coals are started, the other side stating that the heat from the now started fire would shorten the life of said element.

When the coals are all covered in gray, then the grill is placed on top, and meat is cooked.

This give plenty of time for beer consumption.

Roomie and I sat outside and watched the fire sampling the beers, and Letty and Debbie would come out and “check on us” from time to time. Each subsequent visit revealed them to be slightly more tipsy than the time before.

We were all feeling good when the meat came off and we chowed down on fajita tacos.

Letty pulled out some cheesecake for dessert, and we continued to eat.

Roomie rolled a joint after dessert, and we all partook…even Letty and she did not blink an eye as we all got stoned.

Eventually, we cleaned up the dishes and loaded the washer and let it work for us.

Debbie and Roomie snuggled on the couch. I sat on the couch across from them, and Letty sat next to me, but no so snuggly as the other two. We continued to chat when Letty stood up after a while and said “It’s time for me to go. Thanks for everything…”

Debbie and  Roomie left across the hall. Letty gave me a peck on the cheek “Keep the beer for next time” she said quietly and went to the stairs.

“I’ll keep it, but I won’t guarantee there will be any left for next time” I said jokingly.

She blew me a kiss and left.

I smoked another part of a J with a beer, and went to crash out. A loud knocking on the door woke me up later.

It was Fat Judy, and she was drunk mad.

“I know you had that slut over here tonight!” she said.

I made her a drink of vodka with a little Coke “here, calm down” I said “you and I are through. You had your chance, and you got your way, and now you reap the reward.”

She took the drink and pretty much chugged it down while I lectured. I then  made her another, and she chugged that one too.

By the time she finished the second one, she was resting her head back on the couch.

I helped her up. It’s hard to help a drunk, fat person who keeps telling you they love you and hanging on you.

I took her downstairs (quite a feat in itself) to her apartment, which was unlocked and took her to her bedroom and literally dropped her on her bed. She was out.

I thought for a minute and began removing her clothes. First her button up blouse. I unbuttoned it while she lay flat. I brought her to sitting position and removed it, and unbuttoned her bra, then removing it. I lay these garments on her bed neatly.

I next tried to figure out her shorts. There were zipped in the back. I had to roll her over to unzip, then work them off. Panties came right off over her fat ass.

I lay her out, spread her legs, and began fingering her puss until she was wet. She moaned a little.

I pulled my shorts off and fucked her a little. It didn’t take long before I was coming and I pulled out and shot my load onto her mouth.

Then, I dressed her again, pulled back the covers and put her under, leaving the cum on her face.

I locked the door when I left. That was the last time we ever spoke.

Oh, I ran into her from time to time, but she never approached me again about being together. She flaunted several suitors after that, but they were all geeks and dweebs.

Letty too, didn’t seem interested in any escalation of our relationship, and that was OK with me. I liked being unattached.

Roomie and I always bbqed on Saturday nights. Letty showed up from time to time and was always pleasant.

One particular Saturday night, we were sitting on the deck after eating in November, when several cop cars pulled up and came up the stairs. They were armed and serious.

The lead guy pointed to our door “I need you people to go inside right now and stay out of sight.”

We needed no second invitation and left immediately into our apartment.

They were there for a bust on Darla’s place. I never would have suspected but as it turned out, she had a meth lab and had been under surveillance for some time.

We never saw her again.

We made more tacos with the leftovers when there was another knock at the door.

I answered it and it was the Lt from the bust. “You guys can come out now. The police department appreciates your cooperation.”

“Glad to help” I said “you and your men want some fajita tacos? We got plenty” as Debbie walked up with a bag.

The serious Lt’s stone face broke into a big smile “sure, thanks!” He turned “hey gunny! Have the men stop here. We got some tacos!”

A couple of wahoos I heard as the crowd gathered around  the table. We brought out the chips and pico too. It’s a great way to make friends.

The Lt and I were chatting away from the rest and he asked me “you guys had no idea what was going on there?”

I shook my head sipping my beer “no, and you know what? I can tell you what every person in the complex does, when they’re here, when they’re gone and routines, except Darla. She was a mystery and from what I’ve seen, many of the women here don’t want to be public information so I left it alone…I had no idea they were making drugs. They were busy; always rushing around, but I figgered they were just busy folks…some people are.”

“They?” Lt quizzed.

“There was a skinny guy that I saw with her from time to time. Again, not unfriendly, just always in a hurry” I shrugged.

“Well, you won’t be seeing them again” he said “we’ll send a team over and empty out the apartment as it now belongs to the police department.”

“I’ll tell him” indicating Roomie “his boss’s mother owns this place. She’ll want to get it rented asap.”

He finished the last bite of his taco “Ok guys, let’s wrap it up” he offered his hand “Lt William Asher…friends call me Willie.”

“Glenn Van Deburg. Glenn will do” I shook his hand.

They disappeared in ten seconds.

I watched them go into the night and I turned to Roomie and Debbie and said “never a dull moment around here.”

The cops emptied Darla’s place and the next day there was a new woman moving in. I knew she was trouble from the moment I met her, and vowed to stay away from her.

She was gorgeous. Tall, slender, lots of curly red hair, legs that would not quit, large breasts that bounced intentionally, and a sly smile that sent chills up my spine.

Samantha was her name and she wanted to be called…you guessed it…surprise…Sam.

She had one guy helping her move in and I figgered it was a relative. He seemed like he had done this before. I did not offer to help and she seemed slightly  miffed at that. Scratch her off the bbq list…permanently.

My friends Rich and Paul however, did not heed my warning. Rich was a ladies man and loved one-night stands and was an expert at leaving crying women behind.

I did not know Paul’s love history, but they were at a bbq at our place when she came upstairs and they were smitten, and  fought over her almost immediately. I think this is what she lived for.

She ate it up and got miffed again when I did not offer her my chair…at my own table? Ha!

She invited them over for “drinks” and they disappeared into her lair.

One Friday, I was out late drinking with the guys from work, and I came home pretty wasted. I parked in my usual spot when our next door neighbor was headed up the stairs and grocery bag broke and all kinds of stuff came down the stairs at me.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed then she saw me and said  “sorry!”

I waved “doncha worry, I’ll get this for you” and I grabbed a couple of cantaloupes and some boxes of pasta. I was relieved that there were no tampons or maxi pads or other feminine hygiene products involved.

I followed her and she met me at her door “thank you very much” she said “I’ll get it from here.”

I handed them off “there’s still some stuff down there…some chips I think” as she went into her apartment.

“That’s OK” she called back “I’ll get them. Thank you again.” She seemed nervous.

“Glad to help” and I went into my own place and went to sleep thinking of her. Nice looking, nothing special, but pleasant. Petite, lots of dark curly hair, glasses, nice swing in the back yard, small breasts, nice.

I was thinking that was the first time I had seen her coming or going. I figured she was a waitress working late.

The next day was Saturday, and I was up to go help a friend work on his lawn mowers. A trade I had learned a few years earlier had come in handy in later years. He paid me for it too.

Roomie’s car was there so I assumed he was at Debbie’s. I left and was gone for three hours, and I came back with forty bucks in cash.

I ran up the steps and there was my new friend from last night…almost like she was waiting for me.

“Hello again” I said “did you find all your stuff in decent shape?”

She laughed “yes, the only casualty was a box of lasagne noodles that became lasagne noodle pieces.”

I laughed with her “let me know when you make it. I have a couple boxes of noodles. I  make pretty good lasagne too.”

She was surprised “really? A man who cooks. That’s new for me.”

I fumbled for my keys “I learned a long time ago that if I wanted to eat stuff  I liked, I would have to cook it myself…and now I eat very well thank you.”

She smiled and stuck our her hand “I’m Lelah.”

I was momentarily mesmerized “Lelah. I like that. I’m Glenn” and I took her hand gently. “We bbq here every Saturday” I said “and you’re invited for this evening if you like.”

She seemed excited “can I bring anything?”

“Why don’t you make some lasagne? That would go good with burgers and steak” I replied.

She nodded “OK, but I’ll need those noodles.”

I opened the door “coming right up” and I made my way through the living room into the kitchen and pantry, retrieving a box of noodles for her.

“Here ya go!” as I returned to her at the door.

“See you about six?” I said “Roomie will be in and out with Debbie this afternoon. I will be too.”

“I’m looking forward to it” Lelah said, and went back to her apartment.

I did as well to shower. Fixing lawn mowers is dirty business.

That evening, Roomie and I decided on chuck eye steaks. They’re not a expensive cut of meat by any means, but if one gets them cut say no more than 1/2″, it’s a quick hunk of grilled beef. The burgers are more of a supplement to utilized the toppings.

I had  some extra lettuce in case Lelah needed a salad.

I started the fire at 5:30, figuring it would be 30 minutes before meat could go on the grill. Good thing too because Lelah was right on time.

As I was throwing on the chuck eyes, she came out with her foil-covered pan.

I jumped up “oh let me take it” and she passed it to me gladly.

“I’ll get the salad” she said and returned inside while I kicked the door to get Roomie to let me in.

He left the door open, and Debbie showed up too “something sure smells good” and she and Lelah introduced while Roomie and I  started the oven to keep the lasagne warm.

We put the burgers on first, being much bigger than the chuck eyes, and they cooked quickly, next the steaks and they took half the time.

We ate outside. Roomie had picked up some wine and we had a great time…steak and lasagne, what a concept.

We all patted each other on the back for being such good cooks. Roomie and I also had our own lasagne recipes, and we complimented Lelah heavily on hers. She was embarrassed for all the attention.

Rich and Paul came up with the redhead about the time we were finished, and they stopped and chatted briefly.

Debbie and Lelah wanted nothing to do with Red, and they cleared the table and went inside.

Red seemed interested only in being in the spotlight, and Roomie and I were chatting with Rich and Paul about their jobs and work. They were both in the oilfield and often worked days straight at a time. They had each finished a stretch of a couple days, and coincidentally they showed up at Red’s the same night.

There was a little tension in the air, and Red was thriving on it. The three retired to Red’s place, and Roomie and I went inside where Debbie and Lelah were doing dishes.

We helped finish clear off and clean up including putting away leftovers.

Roomie pulled out his pot supplies and rolled a fat J and fired it up. Debbie and I partook, offered Lelah but she refused, seemingly angry.

“You guys are smoking weed after the cops were all over this place last weekend?” she seemed genuinely surprised and shocked.

“If you’re uneasy about this, you can step out until we’re done” Roomie said calmly “we’re not making you stay, although you are welcome to do so.”

She looked at me for an answer, and I went towards the door, opening it “I hope you come back later, should you decide to leave. It’s safe enough here.” I ended up almost whispering the last few words.

“Oh, I guess it’s OK” she said, giving in and closing the door.

As she did, I saw Paul come out of Red’s. He seemed mad and I invited him in. He accepted, and drew heavily on the joint. I gave him a beer too.

“What’s up Paul?” I asked seriously. “You seem pissed off.”

I hardly finished my sentence when he started his rant. “Man, I can’t get anywhere with her because it seems that Rich is always around” he started “that woman is gorgeous. Rich always gets the good looking ones, and I get seconds and leftovers.”

“So you say that whenever you go to Red’s, Rich is always there? Like he had a heads up?” I said, acting innocently inquiring as to details.

“Yeah, like he already knew” Paul said slowly, thinking about the possibility.

“Like she lets him know you’re going to be there?” I pushed.

He nodded more convinced now “yeah, like she’s doing this on purpose” he drained his beer, shook my hand and left “thanks Glenn. I think I’ll find someone else. Rich has his hands full” he chuckled as he left.

I closed the door behind and and shrugged to the rest.

“That was pretty shrewd” Roomie said, and Debbie agreed.

“Lelah and I knew she is T-R-O-U-B-L-E.” She and Lelah laughed.

“Well, we wanted to go see a  movie” Debbie said gathering up her purse, and she and Roomie left across the hall.

I sat on the couch offering Lelah a seat next to me, and she sat close enough to where we were rubbing thighs.

She had a glass of wine, and I was finishing a beer. I sat my beer on the coffee table, and reached over to kick on the stereo softly.

I leaned back and put my arm around her and she nestled her face against my chest, as I began touching her curly hair.

After a few minutes of that, she said “that tickles” and she pushed up and kissed me softly. She was holding herself up when she turned around and lay on my lap, and pulled my face to hers.

I raised my knee and propped my right foot on the coffee table, raising her close to me. We made out for a couple minutes, and my cock was hard.

She guided my hand to her breast, and I stopped her.

Softly I said to her “Roomie and I have an agreement that we don’t have sex here in our place. That’s where they went. They didn’t go to no movie.”

She sat up, perplexed ” no women here?”

“We agreed not to bring women over and have sex here” I said calmly, still stroking her cheek “it breeds malcontent. It causes things that should be said not to be said. One of us having a woman here, and the other not causes the one without to do things he wouldn’t normally do like be quiet, not watch TV, not smoking pot, not cooking…etc. It’s just easier if we go elsewhere to be with a woman.”

“And how’s that working out for you?” she asked quietly.

“For him, it’s easy as they just head across the hall. For me, it’s different because I have to explain, like I just did, to the woman about our rule. I’m not that popular and this doesn’t come up very often, let me be clear.”

She smiled “c’mon over to my place and let’s finish this” she stood up and offered her little hand. I followed and only grabbed my keys to lock the door behind me.

She unlocked her door, and invited me inside. It was a very nice place furnished with stuff I would classify as rustic; manly. “Nice furniture” I said looking around.

Before I knew it, she was undressed, and grabbing my shirt while unbuttoning it.

Her breasts were small, but they were just that; small breasts. Perfectly proportioned; nice nipples that were now erect. She was smiling as I fumbled with my jeans and belt.

My erection broke through my underwear, and she was all over it. She pushed me to the couch and took my cock all the way in.

She moaned and groaned as she sucked and turned around so her ass was above my face. I went after her vagina.

She smelled like lavender, and I licked the best I could but could not get the angle.

“Don’t make me cum” I whispered “I want to be inside you.”

She stopped sucking and got on top, guiding my cock inside her vagina. I touched her breasts and she ground away at my dick.

“Your breasts are magnificent” I said pinching her nipples lightly.

She giggled “I can feel your cock all the way up. It’s huge!” she moved closer and began to kiss me. I hugged her tight and we made out for a long time.

I sat up on the couch and she bounced up and down flopping her boobs until I came inside her. I held her against me until I finished shooting my loads.

She climbed off and lay down. I just started at her body.

I shook my head as I stroked her body from cheek to toes “you are an absolutely beautiful woman” I whispered. Truly she was.

She smiled and sighed. “You’re the only man that ever said that to me. Where do you think this relationship will go?”

“Wherever we want it to go” I said, still touching her body. “You and I have control, and we have a mutual good thing going on. Let’s enjoy being together alone so to get to know one another at our own pace. We’re neighbors, and that doesn’t mean I’ll be coming over here now in every spare moment of my time.  We both have lives. We’ll have to find ways to work each other into our lives. It takes time, and we have plenty of that.”

I touched her cheek and kissed her forehead “you are so adorable.”

She blushed and gave a little shrug “thank you. I am refreshed that there are men still out there who treat women nicely.”

We snuggled together on her couch. She pulled an afghan from somewhere and covered us up, and we fell asleep.

We woke up during the night, and she pulled me to her bedroom, and we had sex again, then a hard sleep.

The sun woke us up, and we played for a little while, thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, then we showered together.

I hadn’t had so much fun in all my life. I reminded myself to be careful.

She and I made omelettes. We impressed each other with our cooking ability.

She quizzed about my exes and I told a little about betrayal and deceit and outright lies.

“And before her?” she asked.

“Her sister” I answered “a year younger but much more fun.”

“Why did you end up with her big sister?” she continued.

“Big sister was easier” I answered without thinking, but it was true.

“Easier how?”

“Big sister was jealous of little sister because little sister got all the really cool guys. All big sister got was losers. For a brief while, I dated both of them. Big sister eventually threw herself at me, and I was unable to resist. She said and did everything I wanted to hear, and I fell for her. When I married her, she turned off all charms, and demanded to be boss…” I sighed thinking about how I had been duped.

Lelah touched my arm “I’m sorry. You’re a very trusting man. Any decent woman would be thrilled to be with you; I know I am.”

I reached over and kissed her cheek “where have you been hiding and why? or should I not ask?”

“You may ask, but I’m not sure I’m ready to tell you” she said pensively.

I nodded “I have not told you all either…and I’m OK with that for now.”

She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me and I could her her speak through her big smile “I knew you’d be like this.”

I hugged her back, and inside there was a piece of me that really didn’t want a long term relationship with a Hispanic woman. Hispanics have strange ideas about relationships and duty and loyalty and dedication and obligation and family and shit like that.

I had to remind myself of that.

I said good-bye and left. She seemed a little sad, and I didn’t know what else to do. “We’ll be watching the Cowboy game at noon” I said as I left “come over if you want.”

“You can watch it here” she said, a little stubborn.

“It’s a tradition” I said “c’mon. It’ll be  fun” with a smile.

I added “there may be others too and we might cook out. Every day is different!”

She took a few steps towards me, then stopped and put her hands on her hips with a big smile “you’re just full of surprises. Save me a place next to you.”

“I promise” I said, and closed the door.

Roomie was home. I had not realized it was 11:30.

“Have a good time?” he asked wryly. Debbie was there too, looking at me with a sly smile.

“I certainly did” utilizing my best Stan Laurel imitation with the nod. “She will be joining us for the game as well.”

“Great!” Roomie said “Paul will be here too with a new squeeze.”

“Let’s keep Red out if we can” I said, on a more somber note.

He nodded “agreed.”

“So what’re you making?” I asked them as they worked at the kitchen counter which was behind the partition.

“The usual. Pico and queso dip” Debbie replied.

“Sounds good” and I turned on the TV and connected the stereo to the television for the pre-game show.

Paul showed up just after that with his new girl, Becky.

Speaking strictly for myself, I would never bring a date to a friend’s house to watch a football game.

Becky was very tall; maybe 5’10” with very long straight blonde hair. She wore a little more makeup than she needed…for a football game. She had very tight fitting jeans that went all the way up to her butt. A loose fitting blouse that even without trying, I’m sure her boobs would have been easily visible. She had a nice smile and a certain air of comfort about her and I liked that.

She brought a pork chili dip that I could smell the minute it hit the doorway.

Paul brought beer; it’s what guys do.

Roomie had a pit group for the living room furniture and I swear we never ran out of places to sit. It consisted of two long couches and a love seat. All had removable cushions. Each place to sit had an ottoman. There was plenty of seating and plenty of places for folks to put their drinks and snacks.

Lelah came in a few minutes later and she made me proud how she interacted with the others. She brought a cheesecake that awarded her the center of attention since she said she made it herself…I was impressed, too.

We cued up our beers and snacks and places to sit and we all found comfy seating with out significant others and made an afternoon of it.

Joints appeared and were smoked and more munchies were loaded up.

Get togethers such as this always seem better when our team wins…they did.

Game over at three. The girls had started cleaning up before the end of the game as it was a runaway. We boys, being loyal fans, always watched until the clock ran out..ya just never know.

Paul and Becky left first.

We left the TV on and Roomie switched the channel to the Oilers game on the other channel, and made it clear that he would be watching that game until six.

In those days, Earl Campbell was the only reason to watch the Oilers, and they were contenders for several years while he was on the team.

Lelah had no interest and motioned me to go with her when she said her goodbyes to Roomie and Debbie.

I followed her outside, and we were met by an arguing Paul and Becky. We didn’t stop, we went to Lelah’s apartment. She closed the door after I passed through and started “you guys are gonna waste a whole Sunday watching football? One game I understand, but all afternoon?”

“I’m up for options” I said in earnest.

She started removing her clothes, and I locked the door.

I did same as I followed her into her bedroom. There seemed to a more serious air about this round of sex.

She fumbled with her nightstand and removed some things; I could not tell at first.

She motioned me over and took my rock hard cock, and rubbed something on it that was very slippery.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass” she said as she continued putting lube on my dick. “Start pushing in my anus slowly, adding a squirt of this every time you push your dick into my ass. OK?”

“OK, but I never did this before” I said.

“Neither have I, but I have been reading about it” she said as she got on all fours and aimed her anus at me.

I walked on  my knees across the bed and met her ass with a squirt of lube, then pushed my cock into her anus..past the the head.

“Easy!” she said “slowly! A little at a time. More lube.”

I worked it and it took a lot of lube to get my huge cock into her asshole halfway.

“You’re cock is so big!” she said.

I pulled out all the way and watched her anus close up. I lubed my dick and went in again and pulled out, this time putting lube before her anus closed. Now we’re going all the way with lube ahead of my dick.

Soon, my balls were slapping her butt cheeks as I thrust inside her.

“Oh yes!” she said over and over. She was moving her body back and forth “helping” me with the thrusts.

She finally buried her face into her pillow and stopped thrusting “fuck me hard now!” she turned and yelled.

I grabbed her hair, held her down, and fucked her in the ass until I shot my load. I held her down as I unloaded and felt the cum ooze around my cock. My erection faded, and I pulled out, and lay next to her breathless.

We must have cat napped because the next thing I knew, she was sucking my cock as I was hard again.

I let her go after it, and gave her control  until I came again. She swallowed every drop, and did not gag. She kept sucking as to drain any residual.

“That was the best sex I ever had” she said after she cuddled next to me. I brought my arm around her and pulled her close and she lay on my chest.

“Best ever for me too” I said, which was true since I had only been with three women; the ex, Fat Judy, and another will go into another time.

I had only heard stories about anal sex, and here I was doing it. “Where did you read about this?” I asked, my curiosity peaked now.

“Some girlfriends and I used to get magazines from one of the boyfriends about sex stories” she seemed embarrassed.

“You never actually done it with a man?” I asked casually.


A moment of silence and she said “better than a crummy football game,  huh?”

“Fuckin’ A!” I answered, and we burst out laughing.

We napped again until after six. That time of year, it was almost dark by then. Thanksgiving was around the corner, and we discussed it briefly. I didn’t really know anything about her as far as her family was concerned, and I hadn’t divulged anything about mine either.

“What do you normally do for Thanksgiving?” she asked me as we made some sandwiches.

“This is my first Thanksgiving after my divorce” I said “in the past, I had to go to two Thanksgiving dinners. My mom reminded me the other day that I was be be there by 1:00 for dinner and she said we could watch the Cowboy game at three as long as we help clean up.”

“More football?” Lelah shook her head.

“The Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving Day” I said. “My aunt and uncle will be down too, and my two brothers; one of which is  married.”

I continued “Mom said you are certainly welcome to eat with us as part of the family.”

“Really? You told her about me?” she seemed very surprised.

I nodded “of course. Well, just a little. I just said that I kind of hit it off with one of the neighbor girls.”

“Hit it out of the park I should say” she corrected.

And I must admit, I was kind of falling for her, but promised myself I would not let on how I really felt as it had come back to bite me on the ass in the past.

Thanksgiving was that week. Lelah would not commit and I stopped bugging her about it and even stopped making myself so available to her.

I went to my folks’ to see what Mom needed to do the dinner; if she needed help. She surprised at my interest and explained to her that making turkey dinner was one of my favorite meals, and I wanted to see how she did her turkey and dressing because it was the best ever.

She smiled and mapped out how she planned the week’s goodies.

She casually asked about Lelah, and I could give her no specifics as to whether or not she would come.

I learned that Thanksgiving about roasting a turkey. Mom used a large paper bag into which she put the stuffed turkey. When she served it, she just tore the bag away. I never used the paper bag but went the Brown ‘n Bag route. It has proven to be very successful.

That was Mom’s last Thanksgiving as she was killed the following August in a car accident.

Lelah did not attend the Thanksgiving at my folks.

Mom talked me into moving back home, and returning to work on my degree. I did so after much discussion.

My dad was not for it much. He and I did not get along as I usually bucked him and his fuddy duddy old fashioned ideas.

I returned to college for the spring and summer semesters.

Roomie moved back to my town to another apartment. I did not hear any more from Lelah or anyone else except Debbie from the complex.

Roomie then got a job for a big corporation doing programming in north Texas and moved away in ’81.

I too, got another job and moved away for a year.

Fat Judy made her final pathetic attempt to reunite when Mom was killed. I saw her one more time after that as she got a job at the bank where her mother worked. Fat Judy just got fatter and more loudmouthed.

Those days were gone forever now.

We moved on and bought a house. Roomie found a nice Mormon girl and married her.

I lived alone for many years, spending three paychecks a month making the house payment.




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